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  • With over 300 million registered users that are growing by tens of thousands of new users every day, DAP is one of the most useful and popular PC applications.

  • Easy to set up - SpeedBit's Affiliate Program is straight-forward and simple to get going and you start earning money immediately.
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Promote DAP and make money on DAP Premium purchases generated by your promotion.

Earn a commission of 25% on DAP Premium purchases users make up to 90 days after the user originally installed the DAP you promoted!

 SpeedBit partners with Digital River's Regnow affiliate platform.


After login, send a request to add Download Accelerator Plus (product ID 10979-1) to your product s lists.
Wait until you get a confirmation mail.

Login to your affiliate account at RegNow, get the creatives and links and start promoting DAP.

The link to free version of DAP, will look like this:
Either replace the XXXX with your RegNow's affiliate ID or get the link from our RegNow account.

Please Note
  • We use digital Rivers Regnow affiliate program whose unique tracking method is built into the product. This method is much better than the regular Cookie based and file's name methods to get you credit for the sale. (Cookies today are likely to be removed and file name is often changed while the user saves it on his computer).
  • The file hosted By RegNow so you don't need to even pay for the bandwith
  • There are several buy buttons and buy links on the free version of DAP. Once the user clicks on one of them he will be directed to purchase the product with RegNow, who will be tracking the sales for you.
  • Sales are tracked up to 90 days from the installation DAP.

Option 2:
Set up buy links to SpeedBit's product page on either RegNow, element5/ShareIt, or Plimus and earn up to 25% on Purchases of DAP Premium that users make.

  • For Partners who would like to use Element5 system - sign up here or login to the Element5's affiliate control panel.

  • Partners who would like to use a different affiliate Plan Please contact us

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Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) on BrotherSoft's Top 10 Downloads in 2009
Softonic outstanding rate logo for SPEEDbit Video Accelerator
SPEEDbit's Technology Pioneer 2008 logo from World Economic Forum 4.5 Stars logo for Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

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